Young Adults

Are you a young adult? Not sure what that means? Neither do we...

Something like: If you’re graduated from high-school and in university, working a career, working some random job you hate, married, single, male or female and under 30ish -- (very ish, some of us are close!) then this is the group for you!
We meet Sunday nights at 7pm. We usually do a couple Bible studies a month, take part in a worship night one night, and do some form of get together/have fun thing the other night. It’s a pretty informal, laid back group. We’re passionate about getting to know Jesus and love to laugh and take tangents while we do so.

See Kurtus Niessen for questions.


Sunday Sermon will continue to be Live Streamed.
However, all are welcome to join us in worshiping our Saviour and Lord at Valleyview Bible Church

10:30 AM Sundays
2386 Trans Canada Highway, Kamloops BC