Young Adults

Are you a young adult? Not sure what that means? Neither do we...

Something like: If you’re graduated from high-school and in university, working a career, working some random job you hate, married, single, male or female and under 30ish -- (very ish, some of us are close!) then this is the group for you!

We meet Sunday nights at 6:30pm. We usually do a couple Bible studies a month, take part in a worship night one night, and do some form of get together/have fun thing the other night. It’s a pretty informal, laid back group. We’re passionate about getting to know Jesus and love to laugh and take tangents while we do so.
We do a May Long Weekend camping trip every Spring, as well as random other little excursions.

Join us for our Sunday Morning Worship Service

10:30 AM Sundays
2386 Trans Canada Highway, Kamloops BC