The Leadership team at Valleyview welcomes you! Each member on the Leadership Team has certain areas of responsibility. See below for each member's area or view our Organizational Chart.

Hospitality Education Sunday Service Maintenance Finance/Admin
Banquets Small Groups Communion Building Collection
Coffee Faith Quest Setup Property Receipts
Kitchen 101/102 Class Worship Projects Book Keeping
REACH Resources Sound Janitorial Budget
Compassion Library Tech Supplies Policies
Decoration Special Events Ushers Baptism Tank Admin
Men's Ministry Greeters BCMB Liason
Women's Ministry Info Booth
Dave/Bev Doug/Dana Bill Ron/Tim Ken
Lead Pastor
Sunday Service
Pastor Dan
Youth Office Admin
Senior Youth Admin
Junior Youth Office
Young Adults Phones
Visitation Email
Social Media Church Calendar
Website Directory
Pastor Kurtus Ruth

Join us for our Sunday Morning Worship Service

10:30 AM Sundays
2386 Trans Canada Highway, Kamloops BC